What is the RCA Web Registration System?


The Online Web Registration System (WRS) was developed based on feedback from our Member Clubs and Provinces and has been designed to:

  • Ultimately make it easier on our club registrars nationwide
  • Have the club, provincial (Provincial Rowing Association) and national (Rowing Canada Aviron) information align into one database
  • Ensure our members are billed fairly and correctly
  • Have the most accurate information in the system for both insurance and racing purposes of all our members

The system is based on a single point of entry: It is the clubs’ participant or member that registers in the system through your club’s program.

RCA provides insurance coverage to all registered members as well as many other member services such as sanctioning regattas, coach and umpire education, newsletters, etc.

For Athletes – please contact your club to register for this training year.

For Club administrators – please go to the club resources page for full detailed information and club responsibilities.