April Monthly Bulletin


The ARA apologizes about cancelling the 2019 on-water camp in Invermere, B.C, but given the conditions of the lake we had no other options available to us.  In place of the camp ARA plans to visit both the CRC and ERC in the coming weeks to speak to prospective athletes regarding the games and hopefully answer any questions you may have.  We hope to see you soon!

At this time, the ARA has invited 21 athletes to the 2019 WCSG Selection Camp to be held in Calgary, Alberta on June 21, 22 and 23.  Athletes who have not been invited as of yet have until May 31, 2019 to hit the requisite 2K erg standard to garner an invite.  The standards in case anyone may have forgotten are as follows:

Men – 7:05

Women – 8:05

*Lightweight standards have not been published as the WCSG do not have lightweight events.

As we approach the on-water season, the ARA encourages all WCSG prospective athletes to spend as much time in singles and in pairs in the months of May and June.  The erg may get you an invite to the selection camp but final selection to the WCSG Team is based on one’s performance in smaller boats.   Further details on the June selection camp will be distributed to eligible athletes in late May. 

WCSG Coaching Opportunity

The ARA continues to look for a candidate to round out our WCSG Coaching Staff. The individual would complement our head coaches by rigging boats, setting oars, assist with logistics and other tasks as required during the games themselves.  If this is something you might be interested in please email the writer at albertarowing@gmail.com

ARA Funding

For the better part of the past three months now, individuals have been approaching the ARA about the status of the “Provincial Carding Program”. 

The ARA “Provincial Carding Program” was introduced in 2018 to provide direct funding assistance to support qualified Alberta athletes.  Of the 14 athletes the ARA provided funding assistance to in 2018, five of them competed for Canada this past year, one other won a medal at the 2018 National Rowing Championships, and another athlete took home gold at the prestigious Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.  Given the unqualified success of the program the ARA has agreed to extend the carding initiative into the 2019-2020 year. 

The ARA is currently revisiting some of details associated with the 2019 program.  Once the ARA works out the final details we will distribute the updated package to clubs across the province.  In the meantime, we encourage all ARA athletes to make sure they have pulled a 2K erg in 2019 (one that they are pleased with) so they do not miss out on this opportunity.

Upcoming Events

On Water Season coming in a few short weeks!