August Monthly Bulletin


If this was your typical summer, the ARA would normally be singing the praises of our Alberta athletes as they returned from World Championships, Can-Am-Ex, Royal Canadian Henley, Canadian Masters and so forth.  Unfortunately, this was not your typical summer with regattas across the country cancelled on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Yet, despite the setbacks caused by COVID – 19 we here in Alberta have much to celebrate this past summer.  The writer has had the chance to observe a large number of athletes on the water this summer, and can speak first hand to the technical improvements that have been made.   The summer of 2020 has given Juniors, Seniors, Rec, Masters and Para athletes the opportunity to develop their technique and Alberta athletes have taken advantage of this opportunity.  So, while we cannot acknowledge the competitive successes of our athletes this summer, we can certainly acknowledge the technical improvements all athletes have made. Congratulations all!


Throughout July and August, the ARA has hosted a weekly CSG training session for Calgary based athletes and will be looking to continue with these sessions throughout September and October.  CSG age eligible athletes who wish to participate in these sessions are encouraged to speak with your respective coaches or email the writer directly at   While the sessions are open to all interested athletes we will remind everyone that the CSG is a high-performance event and athletes who attend these sessions should be training on a regular basis. 

In July of 2020 the ARA outlined some 2K erg expectations for athletes who wish to compete for Alberta at the 2021 CSG.  Upon observing a recent slate of 2K erg tests in August 2020, the writer will be recommending to the VP Technical Director the following erg standards to garner an invite to the 2021 CSG Selection Camp.  They are:

                          Heavyweight Men                6:35

                          Lightweight Men                  6:50

                          Heavyweight Women           7:38

                          Lightweight Women             8:00

Athletes should note that these standards are subject to change by the VP Technical, but the writer does believe they are reflective of the standard of competition our athletes will face in Niagara at the 2021 Games. 


In August of 2020 the ARA distributed the requirements associated with its provincial carding program for the 2020 – 2021 season.  Athletes should be aware that there have been substantial changes to this years program on account of COVID -19.  Athletes who wish to be considered eligible for provincial carding should familiarize themselves with the program by visiting the ARA webpage at

Athletes who have met the deliverables associated with the program should expect to receive a carding agreement in late-September, early October. 

Upcoming Events
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