July 2014 Monthly Bulletin

Representing Canada

This summer three Alberta based athletes and one coach will represent Canada at an international rowing event. They are:

Nicole Hare – For the second consecutive year, Nicole will represent Canada at the U23 World Rowing Championships. In 2013 Nicole stroked Canada’s 8+ to a 6th place finish. This summer Nicole will look to lead Canada’s coxless fours to a podium finish. The U23 World Championships are scheduled to take place from July 23-27 in Varese, Italy.

Olivia McMurray: Representing Canada for the first time in her athletic career, Olivia will compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Regatta in Scotland on August 9 and 10, 2014. The Commonwealth Regatta is held every four years in the same year as the Commonwealth Games. Although rowing is not currently involved in the Commonwealth Games, the regatta has been on-going since 1986.

Ben deWit – Representing Canada for the second time, Ben will compete in the Men’s 8+ at the 2014 World University Rowing Championships. Ben’s first experience as an international athlete was at the 2011 Pan-American Games in Mexico. At the 2011 Games Ben returned home with a Silver medal something he hopes to better in 2014.

Mark Laidlaw – A former coxswain with Canada’s National Team, the 2014 World University Rowing Championships will represent Mark’s first foray into international competition as a coach.

We at the ARA wish all of our athletes and coaches the best of luck this summer.

Coaching Education

One of the components of RCA’s coaching education program is the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), which is delivered in partnership with Rowing Canada, Provincial Rowing Associations and the Coaching Association of Canada. Our goal within Alberta is to assist all of our coaches in their development by increasing their technical knowledge, skills and abilities. To assist in this regard the ARA offers an annual coaches conference, assists our member clubs in sending coaches to the RCA coach’s conference and works with Rowing Canada in providing NCCP workshops here in Alberta.

Despite our efforts to develop coaches here in Alberta there appears to be much confusion as to how a coach becomes certified within our sport. Hopefully we can answer some of these questions.

What is the National Coaching Certification Program?
The NCCP is a competency-based system where coaches must demonstrate competency in order to obtain certification.

There are so many different coaching streams what coaching stream should I take?
Who are you coaching?   If you spend the bulk of your time coaching athletes who are new to rowing you should take the Learn to Row Instructor coach. If you are coaching competitive athletes in a junior, senior, high school or university program you should take RCA Coach. Course Descriptions are as follows:

Learn to Row Instructor
The NCCP Learn to Row (LTR) Instructor workshop is an ideal place to begin your coaching career,. This 1.5 day workshop, will provide you with the confidence to run a safe and quality program that introduces beginners of all ages to the sport.

Delivered over two weekends, these two workshops provide an exceptional foundation for your coaching career and introduces new coaching methods that will enhance your programs effectiveness. Coaches who enroll in this program are coaching athletes in the Train to Train or early Learn to Compete stages of LTAD. They have taken a Learn to Row course and still require considerable emphasis on developing good technique.

Do I have to take the two workshops as part of RCA Coach if I have Level I and/or II under the old NCCP System?
Unfortunately yes, however, any coach who feels that they have the knowledge and experience to forgo the RCA Coach workshops has the ability to challenge any part of the Coaching Education process.  Coaches who wish to challenge the RCA Coach Certification program are to email their completed coaching portfolio to albertarowing@gmail.com to kick-start the process.

I want to register for a NCCP Course. When are they offered?
Right now the ARA is examining interest in NCCP Courses for the 2014 year. If you are interested in registering for a NCCP course please email albertarowing@gmail.com

Henley Funding
The 2014 Henley Funding document is finalized and will be posted on the ARA website no later than July 10, 2014. Please note that there are changes from previous years. Athletes who wish to be considered for Henley Funding should familiarize themselves with the document.

 Prairie Regatta Recap
All of Alberta’s clubs have been represented on the Prairie Rowing Circuit thus far in 2014, which is encouraging to see.

Congratulations to the Calgary Rowing Club for winning the points aggregate and taking home the Championship Trophy at the Regina Sprints Regatta. The Prairie Championship regatta held in Leduc, Alberta saw Calgary and Edmonton battle it out in a number of events with Edmonton winning both the men’s and women’s 8+’s. Congratulations to all.

Western Canada Summer Games
The 2015 WCSG are now only a little more than 13 months away. In preparation for this event the ARA is looking to host a series of identification camps in September and October, 2014. Stay tuned for more information.

 Rowing Tidbits

  • Two friends with no previous rowing experience recently rowed across the Indian Ocean. Fewer people have rowed across the Indian Ocean than have walked on the moon
  • The Royal Henley Regatta concluded this past weekend. For a complete listing of results please go to http://www.hrr.co.uk/results/live/
  • Royal Canadian Henley Regatta is now less than 30 days away.

Upcoming Events

  • Alberta Open July 12, 2014 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Canadian Masters Championships July 18-20, 2014 Victoria, British-Columbia