Alberta Umpires: Notes for Spring!

Some quick updates/notes heading into the Spring Season!
1. Coaches/ARA Rowing Conference- FEBRUARY 27TH- Edmonton
You may/may not have seen the schedule, it can be found here. Not just for coaches this year, it also includes topics of interest for Umpires, competitive athletes and recreationists alike! It is also a great opportunity for a few of us to get together and meet the newest addition to the Alberta umpiring scene: Tim Henderson. Tim hails from Victoria, is a FISA-level umpire, recently moved to Edmonton and will hopefully help build some AB/BC umpiring bridges 🙂

2. Regattas for 2016
The current tentative schedule for 2016 regattas/events can be found in the ARA on-line calendar.  AB events are most prominent, but please keep in mind, as with last year, we may be called upon to help out with Regina Sprints as well. Something else worth noting: Due to environmental factors (warm weather, low water levels etc) the Edmonton Rowing Club is considering moving the date of the Prairie Championships early this year, to avoid cancellation due to weeds. I know its a big change, but they are still trying to confirm availability with the city of Leduc, and this is still in discussion. The consensus at this point is that any regatta is better than no regatta at all.  AS WELL- Tim has expressed interest in possibly making some road trips out (further) west to do some BC regattas- I know this has been a topic of discussion in the past, but I think it would be great to throw around some ideas, reach out to some hosting clubs and make something happen!

3. Training opportunities for 2016
Now I am reaching out to everyone out here to help me brainstorm some dates/opportunities for training. Back in December I had initially hoped Sandi could have come to Edmonton for the Conference and we could have had a big umpire education weekend as well, but sadly, it was not to be. What I am now looking for is suggestions for consideration for this spring/summer for education. We’ve got folks who still need umpire seminars for the 2012-2016 cycle, folks ready for the Level 3 Chief Umpire training, as well as desire to bring our ranks up here with an associate umpire seminar or maybe start a mentorship program?

4. Umpire Committee
We don’t have one, but we should. I’ve been in touch with Dave Derry about the specifics and I’ve had some feedback from Dave/Sandra Kirby about these things. Basically the UC is responsible for the following:
  • maintain the list of Alberta RCA umpires, their qualifications, when they are up for renewal
  •  develop a plan (and ask ARA to support you/ with funding/ get it inside their overall plan for rowing)
  • manage the umpire selection for the national regattas
  • what is the status of the policies at ARA re: umpires? (selection for AB regattas; reimbursement policies, first aid and motor boat training? etc. and then see what the gaps are and begin work on them)
  • what is the status of equipment for umpires?
  • what are the training needs for the province
As of right now, I’ve done my best to pull this info together on my own, but there are some things (like umpire development plans/selection policies etc) that should be done in a group. I don’t want to make any crazy decisions right now, but what I am interested in is finding out if there is a date/place/time where it might make sense for interested parties to get together and discuss these things? Just looking for feedback right now…
Ok, that’s it for now. It’s a lot, I know, but I want to start the wheels turning for everyone 🙂 Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Audra (