CSG Update #2 November 2016

The ARA is very excited to announce a couple of initiatives that will assist Alberta athletes with their winter training.

Erg Assistance:
Commencing the week of November 28th, Alex Marchuk will run Calgary Based erg training sessions every Wednesday evening from 4:45-6:15pm at the CRC boathouse.   The erg sessions will be for Canada Summer Games Athletes and will be designed to assist CSG Athletes in lowering their respective erg score.  All CSG age eligible athletes are welcome to attend.

Edmonton based athletes we will distribute the erg workouts to your coaches and hopefully get you to participate in this initiative as well.  Should the ARA see that there are athletes in Edmonton who are nearing the CSG erg standard we will look at developing something similar in the Alberta Capital.

Weight Training:
The ARA has entered into a partnership with Tessa VanDerVeeken.  Tessa will design a province wide weight training program that will assist athletes with their weight training.

In addition, Tessa has agreed  to visit the Calgary and Edmonton Rowing Clubs and work with athletes with their lifting technique (Stay tuned for dates from Tessa).  Those athletes who  have specialized needs (I.E lightweight athletes who wish to get stronger but avoid gaining weight) Tessa has agreed to work with you individually to design a program that will fit your unique needs.  Athletes who fit into this category or are looking to get a program that compliments something they are doing already are encouraged to contact Tessa directly at Tessa.vanderveeken@gmail.com

Winter Camp:
The ARA is pleased to announce that an additional 3 additional athletes have made the requisite erg standard to participate in the Winter Camp in Phoenix Arizona from Feb 20th through to February 23, 2017.

The updated list is now as follows:  Those who have been added to the list their name is in bold.

Curtis A
Kyle P
Karl H
Alex S
Eric H
Adam M
Tavis E
Phil K
Daniel M

Aline B
Kat W
Sofia M
Carlin V
Veronique U
Jasmine C
Claudia R

Those athletes whose names are on the list are encouraged to start booking your flights to Phoenix.  We ask that all athletes fly into Phoenix on the evening of Sunday February 19th and return Thursday afternoon on February 23rd.   Once again the ARA will pay for all hotel accommodation, ground transportation, boat rental and coaching while in attendance at this camp.  We will also cover $100 in travel expenses (potentially more) provided athletes send the ARA a flight receipt.  Once you have booked your flight please advise the ARA.  Please do not delay in booking.

Athletes whose names are not on the list have until February 1, 2017 to hit the erg standard to attend this camp.