December 2015 Monthly Bulletin

A Holiday Poem

Twas the night before Christmas And all through the Boathouse
The ergs were a humming to the sounds of Strauss
The shells were slung on the stretchers with care
In hopes that St. Nick could some how repair.

Another erg done had my legs feeling like lead
What was I doing I must be loosing my head.
I got ready to leave and put on my cap.
This boy was done. He needed a nap.

When all of a sudden there rose such a clatter
It was Peter Walsh – our new commander.
He whistled and shouted his executive by name.
And then paused for a second to loudly proclaim.

2015 was such a great season – Thank-you to all
And in 2016 I am hoping for another medal haul.
He had one last message as he drove into the light
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.

2015 Year in Review (Bob and Doug McKenzie Style)
In the Year 2015 Alberta Rowing did see.

Twelve Plus Henley Finalists (There were more but worked in this context)

Eleven Western Canada Summer Games (2015 Wood Buffalo was the eleventh WCSG and the best rowing regatta amongst them all – Thank you to all officials and volunteers)

Ten Medals at the 2015 WCSG.

Nine Umpires Umpiring

Eight Alberta Rowing Clubs Competing
(Cold Lake, Lakeland, CABC, Telford, CRC, ERC, U of A, U of C)

Seven Minute 2KErg Standard Broken (Kasia G.W, Colleen Nesbitt, Nicole Hare, Karen Lefsrud)

Six Prairie Sanctioned Regatta’s

Five (5th) place finish at CURC’s (U of C Women’s Team in the overall point standings – Best ever for a Alberta Based School)

Four National Team Representatives (Jessie Loutit, Aline Belzil, Nicole Hare, Elizabeth McConnell)

Three Long Time ARA Executives Retiring (Carol Hermansen, Richard Galway, Tim Fleming)

Two Henley Champions (CRC Women’s 8+ and CRC Women’s 4-)

One NRC Medallist (Nicole Hare)

Congratulations to everyone within Alberta Rowing (Athletes, Clubs, Officials, and Executive members for a successful 2015 Season.

A Christmas Wish List for 2016
An ARA Wish List for the Year ahead……

  • Increased registration across the province.   Coaches, officials and athletes alike.
  • A return to the Henley podium in 2016
  • U of C and U of A crews entered in the Men’s and Women’s 8+’s at CURC’s
  • Record Number of athletes in attendance at the 2016 ARA Erg Championships
  • Identification/ Recruitment of athletes in preparation for the 2017 Canada Summer Games
  • Hosting of a Prairie Rowing Championship and an Alberta Open Regatta –
  • A safe and enjoyable season for all

What is on your wish list for Alberta Rowing? Let us know by emailing

All the very best this Holiday Season! See you in 2016!