May Monthly Bulletin

ARA Development Pathway
In May of 2018 the ARA implemented a new funding initiative that does away with the old Henley funding model and in its place sees the implementation of a Provincial Carding initiative.  Under the new Provincial Carding initiative, the ARA will provide direct funding assistance to 15 athletes who meet certain deliverables on the erg and on the water.

As part of this new initiative 50% of all provincial cards will be directed towards to those athletes who have a demonstrated ability to represent Alberta at the 2021 Canada Summer games.  All remaining cards are being directed to those athletes who have demonstrated success at events like the National Rowing Championships.

While the ARA is altering its funding model, performance at national (and international) club events continue to serve as an important step in our high performance development pathway.  It is for this reason the ARA will continue to assist with the cost in trailering boats to attend the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Under our development framework we at the ARA believe that our clubs and their coaches serve as the gateway for introducing and developing successful athletes within our sport.  Meanwhile the ARA monitors the performances of Alberta athletes at the ARA Indoor Erg Championships, RADAR Testing, 2K submissions and the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.   The ARA then uses results from those aforementioned events to determine the make-up of our teams at the National Rowing Championships and as well selection camps for Western Canada Summer Games (WCSG) and Canada Summer Games (CSG).    Rowing Canada in turn monitors results from NRC’s and CSG to assist in the identification of athletes for its teams.

Under our revised funding framework the ARA believes we are now providing a clearer link in the support of athletes to attend club events like Henley, provincial events like NRC and CSG and of course international events through RCA.   We hope this may shed some light on what we have been doing and where we are going.


RCA Speed Orders
Do you have aspirations this summer of representing Canada at the U23 or Senior World Championships?  If so you will be required to attend the 2018 RCA Speed Order Regatta in London, Ontario from June 22-24.  Following the event certain athletes may be asked to stay for a selection camp, which is slated to take effect from June 25-30th.   Details around this event can be found by going to

To assist athletes in attending this event the ARA will be providing funding assistance to qualified athletes.   Please see the Speed Order Funding assistance document to get further details on this funding opportunity.

Coaching Opportunity
The Edmonton Rowing Club and University of Alberta Rowing Team are in search of a head coach for their competitive programs this summer.  If you or someone you know may be interested in this opportunity we encourage them to follow the link

Coming Events

RCA Coach Week end 1  – Calgary  May 11-13 , 2018
LTR Instructor – Edmonton – June 2-3, 2018
Regina Sprints – Regina Saskatchewan  June 9, 2018