November 2014 Monthly Bulletin

A Holiday Poem

Every who down in Alberta loved the sport of rowing
But there was nothing but ice once it started snowing.
Rowers hated the winter, the whole stinking season
But who could blame them; they had every good reason.


They needed water; to row day or night
Longing for July and its hot summer light
But I think the erg was the most likely reason for all
That winter was despised by those both tall and small


Whatever your reason you should stop singing the blues
And get down to training and listen to your coaches cues
Despite their demeanour and sour grinchy frown
They know what they are doing and help get your 2K down.


So get down to training and start gritting your teeth
And leave for tomorrow the hanging of that mistletoe wreath
In a few short weeks it will be a New Year
And shortly thereafter May will be near.

So to all of you across Alberta lets hear those ergs humming.
Because as we all know Henley, CURC’s and WCSG are soon coming.
Here at the ARA we hope that 2015 is a medal rich feast
At all regatta’s in both the west and the east

Best Wishes to All within Alberta Rowing this holiday season.

 2014 Year in Review (Bob and Doug McKenzie Style)
In the Year 2014 Alberta Rowing Did See:

Twelve Plus Henley Finalists (There were more but worked in this context)
Eleven umpires umpiring?
Ten Eights a racing at WCURC’s
Eight Alberta Rowing Clubs Competing
(Telford, Lakeland, CABC, Ft Mc, CRC, ERC, U of A, U of C)
Seven Minute 2KErg Standard Broken (Kasia G.W and Karen Lefsrud)
Six Prairie Sanctioned Regatta’s
And Five Gold Medals at WCURC’s (U of C – 2, Lakeland – 2 and S.A.I.T – 1)
Four top six finishes at CURC’s (LM 1x ( U of A), W2- ( U of C and U of A), W1x ( U of C)
Three National Team Representatives (Mark Laidlaw, Nicole Hare and Olivia McMurray)
Two NRC Bronze Medals (Junior Women’s Pair and U23 Single)
And one Henley Champion (Sam Garber).

Congratulations to everyone within Alberta Rowing (Athletes, Clubs, Officials, and Executive members for a successful 2014 Season.

2015 Wish List
Increased registration across the province.   Coaches, officials and athletes alike.
Increased commitment towards RCA’s/ARA’s erg monitoring program.
U of C and U of A crews winning medals at the 2015 CURC Regatta.
100+ athletes in attendance at the 2014 ARA Erg Championships. Yes I will pull a 2K Erg once again if we achieve this goal.
Two Henley medals at the 2015 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.
Second Place Finish (Overall) at the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games.
Enhanced cooperation and representation amongst all stakeholders in Alberta Rowing.
Six Crews Racing in a A/B Semi at the 2015 NRC Regatta
A safe and enjoyable season for all


What is on your wish list for Alberta Rowing? Let us know by emailing

Upcoming Events
RCA Coaches Conference and AGM – Burnbay B.C – January 21-25