November Monthly Bulletin


The 2020 on-water season is likely anything we will ever forget.  The year was slow to start on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, and ended early on account of some inclement weather.  Yet despite the challenges we faced there were many successes that we should take price in.  Clubs across the province were assisting one another to ensure that provincial health protocols were addressed as athletes returned to the water.  Athletes within respective clubs assisted one another so that everyone regardless of skill level could enjoy rowing in a small boat. All across the province the technical ability of all athletes showed significant improvement.  Finally, no matter which corner of the province this writer traveled, athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers walked around with smiles on their faces. As we put away our boats and oars for another winter, the 2020 on-water season should make us all realize the positive aspects of our sport and why we truly love the sport of rowing


As was communicated last month the 2021 CSG have now been postponed until 2022 with the new date being now being set for August 6-21, 2022. The decision to postpone the games has left many un-answered questions; the most significant one being that of athlete eligibility.  The ARA has communicated our desire that 2001 born athletes should remain eligible for the 2022 games; one which our provincial counterparts seems to support.  We are informed that a resolution on this matter should be communicated in early 2021.


In August of 2020 the ARA distributed the requirements associated with its provincial carding program for the 2020 – 2021 season.  Athletes should be aware that there have been substantial changes to this years’ program on account of COVID -19.  Athletes who wish to be considered eligible for provincial carding should familiarize themselves with the program by visiting the ARA webpage at

Athletes who have met the “A” and B” card deliverables associated with the provincial carding program as evidenced here should now be in receipt of a carding document.  Athletes who have met the “C” card deliverables will be presented with a carding document in early December once we have a clearer idea as to the number of qualifying athletes.  Athletes who have not yet met the deliverables with the program have until November 30, 2020 to do so.  Athletes who are injured but wish to be considered for the program are encouraged to contact the writer directly at


Alberta athletes were well represented at the Canadian indoor rowing challenge this past weekend.  Jessica Sevick of Calgary finished second in her heat with a time of 6:49, while Kasia Gruchella-Wiserski finished third in her heat with a time of 6:42.  Karen Lefrsud of Alberta finished in third place in her heat with a time of 6:47.  Meanwhile Jeremy Hall won his race in the PR2 event with a time of 7:13  While, results from the remainder of Alberta athletes were unavailable at time of submission, it was great to see both ERC and CRC athletes represented at this event.

Congratulations to all!

Upcoming Events

ARA Annual General Meeting – Saturday November 14, 2020 via Zoom