2013 Registration Information

What is the RCA Web Registration System?

URL: https://membership.rowingcanada.org/

The Online Web Registration System (WRS) was developed based on feedback from our Member Clubs and Provinces and has been designed to:

  1. Ultimately make it easier on our club registrars nationwide
  2. Have the club, provincial (Provincial Rowing Association) and national (Rowing Canada Aviron) information align into one database
  3. Ensure our members are billed fairly and correctly
  4. Have the most accurate information in the system for both insurance and racing purposes of all our members

The system is based on a single point of entry: It is the clubs’ participant or member that registers in the system through your club’s program. This is to make it easier for your Club registrar and to ensure the accuracy of member information.

RCA provides insurance coverage to all registered members as well as many other member services such as sanctioning regattas, coach and umpire education, newsletters, etc.

Effective April 1, 2012: No spreadsheets will be accepted by RCA. All RCA and PRA memberships must be submitted via the online web registration system.

Please Note:
Any existing member in the old system will retain their old RCA number and membership until they register for a new program in the online web registration system.

How will my club be billed ?
RCA will send monthly invoices starting May 1st for April 2012 membership, based on activated members in the system. ARA clubs submit RCA fees via your Provincial Rowing Association. The ARA will be billed that date and the ARA will bill the club at a similar time.

The system will generate financial reports based on the registrations. Club, Provincial and National data will be consistent.

Registration Information:
The Date of Registration is the date the member registers for a program or, the date the member is registered for that program by a club administrator.

The “Activation”Date is the date a person is activated by the Club System Administrator

The Program Start Date is the first day of the program that the person has registered for.

  1. Once a person registers in the system they are pending until the Club System Administrator “activates” them. Once “activated”, the membership is accepted and will be recorded as billable by both RCA and the PRA. The billing date will be for the first day of the program.
  2. If a member is “activated” but, cancels BEFORE the program start date, this member will appear in the system as “cancelled” with $0 fees owing on the financial reports received by RCA and the PRA’s.
  3. If the member cancels AFTER the start date, the club will still owe PRA and RCA fees for that member. There are no refunds once a person is activated. We do advise Clubs to ensure that a member is not on the water or activated until the Club has received payment. Clubs need to ensure that their own member refund policies account for this.
  4. If a member joins partway through a program, their billing date (by RCA and PRA) is the date they registered (not the start date for the program). Therefore, the billing date is either the start date of the program OR when a member registered – whichever is later.

Other Important Information:
1. RCA’s membership expires on March 31 each year. In many cases your Provincial Rowing Association membership matches this. *(ARA does match).

2. RCA and PRA Membership start dates are based on the first day the program started or whenever the member joined-whichever is later.

3. Eevery new person in this system will receive a NEW RCA number.

4. If a clubs programs spans the RCA membership expiry, a new RCA member will not be charged for two membership years but rather the upcoming membership year.

5. It is important to also register all your members including those in non-rowing roles.