July 2013 Information Bulletin #7

Water, Water Everywhere
In June of 2013, record rain falls across Southern Alberta forced thousands of Albertans to evacuate their homes; only to return home days later to find out that they had lost everything. If you or a loved one has been impacted by the floods in Southern Alberta the ARA wants to let you know that we are here to help. If you require assistance with clean-up, need to find shelter or simply want to have someone to talk to please do not hesitate to contact us.

The 2013 CSG Team has been selected. The ARA wants to congratulate everyone who tried out for the team. Regardless of whether you are or not one of the 30 athletes selected to the team, you should be extremely pleased with yourself.

The erg scores needed to simply attend a selection camp were amongst the most stringent we have ever seen here in Alberta. And while the quality of rowing has room for improvement there is little doubt that things are improving.

In the end we could only select 30 athletes to the 2013 Canada Summer Games Team. They are in no particular order;

Men: Sam Garber / Sam Hogman / Will Kennedy / James Kirker / Gregor Allan / James Allan / Colin Findlay / Rawdon de Paiva / Jonas Ordman / Cam Fowler / Stephen Holloway / Jack Dundas / Doug Doyle Baker / Quinn Brandly

Women: Olivia McMurray / Morgan Crilly / Mallory Turner / Olivia Fischer / Karen Lefsrud / Marisa Maiorana / Karen Guran / Isabelle Belzil / Nicole Hare / Renee Kokts-Porietis / Veronique Ulrich / Alex Martin / Cate White / Robyn Finley / Jamie Bellows / McKenzie Lukacs /

Congratulations to each of you and once again congratulations to those who did not make the team. It is your efforts that has bettered the team as a whole.

Now the hard part. We have to get everyone together as a team. As coaches we will do our part. As for the athletes, all we ask is that you come to practice on time, focused and willing to commit 7-8 times per week. If all athletes can put forth this kind of an effort over the next 35 days it is our opinion that we will achieve the successes we all want. If not, we will have our challenges.

U23 National Team
Congratulations to Nicole Hare whose performance at the 2013 U23 Selection Camp has earned her a seat in the Women’s 8+ that will race for Canada at the upcoming U23 World Championships in Austria.

For many that are unaware this years U23 World Championships were nearly cancelled. Austria like Alberta faced a once in a thousand year flood causing extensive damage. If not for the tireless work of thousands of volunteers this years U23 World Championships would not have transpired. We here in Alberta are glad they are. Congratulations Nicole.

Henley Funding
The 2013 Henley Funding document is finalized and has been posted on the ARA website. Please note that there are changes from previous years. Athletes who wish to be considered for Henley Funding should familiarize themselves with the document.

NRC Selection Document
It is hard to believe that the National Rowing Championships is now only four months away. The selection document that details how athletes can represent the Province of Alberta at this event will be distributed shortly.

Prairie Championships
Everyone please mark your calendars for July 20th, 2013. The date for this years Prairie Championship regatta. Unfortunately, given the cancellation of the Alberta Open the Prairie Championships represents that last and only true sprint regatta in Alberta for this 2013 Calendar year. Please try to attend. Everyone can use the race experience.

Upcoming Events

  • CSG Camp #3 – Southern Alberta July 12-15, 2013
  • Prairie Championships, Leduc Alberta July 20, 2013