ARA Development Camp 2013

The 3rd annual ARA Development Camp will be hosted once again at the Lakeland Rowing Club in Vermilion, Alberta August 30th to September 1st, 2013

For those who are new to rowing, or who have never attended the camp here are a few details on who is welcome, what to expect, costs, etc.

Who is the camp for and what will we be doing?
The camp is for anyone from Alberta who wishes to better their skills in all boats – small, big, sweep, or scull.

Brand new to rowing? This camp is for you. Experienced rower? This camp is for you. Recreational, competitive, junior, senior, master? This camp is for you. The weekend will bring back the basics of rowing while incorporating drills of an appropriate level of difficulty for your skill and experience level. You will have the opportunity to row with people from across the province and hopefully learn a lot.

Highlights from previous years are the Sunday skills races, the wave while rowing in an eight, the Saturday evening potluck BBQ and much more.

Please note! If you are a junior aged athlete (under 18) wishing to attend we unfortunately will not be providing chaperones. Please plan accordingly as we would love to have you attend.

Cost Information
There is no cost to attend the regatta, however all athletes are required to pay for their own accommodations.

Unlike most rowing camps, you have the opportunity to actually camp out here. There is a campground located about 500 meters from where we row and is the most popular place for people to stay.

Overnight camping
$39/night which includes power, water and sewage
$27/night which includes power
$21/night which is unserviced (recommended)
*there is a $12 reservation fee for each site
*there are buildings with showers that cost $2 per use

For those who aren’t into the camping idea, there are 2 hotels that have been used in previous years. Also, Peter has suggested that the Alumni House on campus would also be an option.

Super 8
5105 47th Avenue
1 Queen Bed: $124/night plus taxes
2 Queen Beds: $129/night plus taxes

Brunswick Motor Inn
4807 51st Street
1 Queen Beds: $109 + tax/night
2 Queen Beds: $119 + tax/night

Alumni House
1-800-661-6490 ext 8737

***Please indicate on the Google Document if you will be staying in a hotel or at the campground***

I will be booking the camp sites unless otherwise stated, if you are staying in a hotel you are responsible for booking your own room.

What is around the rowing and camping site?
Vermilion is a small town, but there is a Tim Hortons (I think it might be one of the busiest in Canada) as well as a grocery store not too far from the rowing course that athletes can get food from. Unfortunately- no Starbucks. But if I can survive, so can you.

These places are about a 10 minute drive from the rowing/camp grounds.

What to do if you are interested in attending!
Please sign up on the following Google doc and fill in all of the required spaces. This saves me a lot of time later on trying to track different pieces of information down.

Make sure to sign up by August 17th! The sooner you sign up, the better so I have time to get all of the logistics sorted out.

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer! See you all soon!