January Monthly Bulletin

Happy New Year!
A Happy New Year to all of our coaches, officials and athletes.  We at the ARA hope that 2020 is year that we won’t forget. 

The 2021 Canada Summer Games is a multi-sport inter-provincial competition that will see the nation’s best young athletes compete against one another across 30 different sports in the Niagara Region.  With the opening ceremonies now only 19 months away, the ARA is beginning to make plans.   To assist with the planning process, athletes should be aware of the following. 

  • Selection for the 2021 Canada Summer Games will not occur until 2021, but selection for the 28 spots on the team will be competitive and preparations should start ASAP.
  • Athletes who wish to be considered eligible for the games should be aware that performance on the erg is an important factor in the selection process.  Heavyweight athletes should be adhering to a 2K erg standard around 6:35 / men and 7:35 women to simply be considered for the selection camp.  Lightweight athletes can expect an erg standard of around 6:50 / men and 7:50 women (Erg Standards to be finalized by July 2020)    The ARA understands that the erg standards will be aggressive but are reflective of a standard required to compete at an event like the Canada Summer Games. 
  • Let history show that those athletes who attend practice on a regular basis within their club environment witness significant progress on the erg over a 16-month time-frame.  Athletes who are interested in attending the CSG are encouraged to attend practice with their local clubs regularly. 
  • To assist athletes in their progress on the erg the ARA will run three province wide erg sessions this winter.  The erg sessions will be as follows.  On Sunday January 26 (Edmonton) OR Saturday February 1 (Calgary) athletes will complete a 6K piece. On February 29, 2019 athletes will once again complete a 6K piece.  On April 4, 2020 athletes will complete a 2K piece. 
  • The writer will be in attendance to monitor the pieces on January 26 in Edmonton / February 1 in Calgary.  Athletes should try to attend one of these two sessions.  On February 29 and again on April 4 the ARA will try to simulcast the erg sessions so that all CSG athletes can compete against one another at the same time regardless of one’s locale in Alberta.  Please note that the sessions are designed to assist athletes in their development as will play no role in the selection to any camp. Times will be determined in consultation with your coaches. 
  • Please note that the aforementioned erg pieces are in addition to the ARA Erg Champs which will be in Lacombe, Alberta once again this year in March.
  • The ARA is planning to host on water camp in Invermere British-Columbia on April 17-19, 2020 for qualified CSG athletes. 
  • The ARA is also planning two separate summer /fall camps in 2020 for qualified athletes.  Additional details on these camps will be provided in the months ahead. 

National Rowing Day 2020

In conjunction with all rowing communities across the nation, Alberta rowers are challenged to heat up their indoor rowing machines for Indoor Rowing Day in Canada – Coast to Coast 2020!

The purpose is to gather Albertans and Canadians on an indoor rowing machine on Saturday February 22, 2020. We want to create a wave of indoor rowing with the goal of crossing Canada from coast to coast at least once!  We encourage all Alberta clubs to participate.  Additional details will be forthcoming in February. 

To Chris Davidson on being named Rowing Canada’s Coach of the Year in 2019.  A recognition that is long overdue. 

Upcoming Events:
ARA Board Meeting Red Deer Cambridge Hotel Red Deer – Saturday January 18th
RCA Coaches Conference January 24-26 Kanata, Ontario
National Rowing Day 2020 – Saturday February 22, 2020 – Locations across Alberta
RADAR Submissions due between January 29 and March 31, 2020