Expense Claim & Payment Policy

  • The person claiming expenses must fill out an ARA expense form.
  • Receipts must be presented for all items. Note: Where a credit card is used, please provide the receipt as well as the credit card slip.
  • The claimant is responsible for submitting a clear and complete claim. This is necessary so that ARA books can withstand inspection or audit.
  • Note that neither the Treasurer nor the ARA Executive Assistant (or Provincial Technical Director etc.) is responsible for researching an expense claim or compiling or submitting the necessary documents.

Unless under exceptional circumstances all expenses must be pre-approved by the ARA Executive.
**Exceptional circumstances are where the claimant did not have reasonable opportunity to request or executive to provide prior approval.**

In the case of such exceptional circumstances, the request should (preferably) be brought to and considered at the next Executive meeting.

However, if payment is a matter of urgency:

  • The Treasurer may decide on an expense claim if less than $100.
  • Should the Treasurer initially decide against such a claim (or feel unable to solely approve),
  • he/she will initiate the process as for claims of over $100 (see next).
  • For claims of $100 or more, the Treasurer will poll the Executive by email. The decision will be by majority of those Executive members responding within 96 hours.
  • Such claims arising from a single occasion or event can not be split into smaller amounts (i.e.< $100) so as to circumvent the normal approval process.

Where the executive did not have reasonable opportunity to give prior approval but the claimant had reasonable opportunity to request it, the claim will be considered by the board at the next board meeting.

*With the exception that for road travel to ARA Board meetings, expenses may be paid on the basis of a standard per km rate. If claimed, an ARA expense form must be used and it is expected that car-pooling will be employed where practicable.*

Download Expense Form