Lakeland Rowing Club

Lakeland Rowing Club founded in 1996 offers

A variety of levels of participating:
Learn to Row
* first level of instruction and four water sessions as an introduction to the sport

*fitness rowing with no competition

Light Competition
*one to three practices a week, choice of competing

*three to five practices a week with competitions

Rustlers Crew
Every September, we welcome the Lakeland College students to the Lakeland Rowing Club for the fall season and many of them stay with the sport past graduation to row here in Vermilion or in other clubs across the prairies. We have also seen them go on to further schooling and end up rowing against us with a university crew!!

For more information, contact the ARA office.

The Sport of Rowing offers
An opportunity to participate in something unique:

  • rowing works every muscle group, yet has minimal impact on the joints
  • you train as an individual, yet bond as a team in the shell (boat)
  • rowing is technical, yet is has an extremely high learning curve
  • your combined efforts in the shell creates power, which allows you to soar along the water = SPEED!!
  • it is a longevity sport, which you will be able to enjoy for many years

For those who want to compete, several opportunities to race exist:
Competitions are held in Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina, and crews have traveled as far as British Columbia to compete.

A chance to participate in a sport in an ideal setting:
The Vermilion River reservoir is a one-of-a-kind and ideal setting for rowing. The reservoir is sheltered from the wind and has very little current, which means it is a perfect place to row.

The Vermilion Provincial Park along the Vermilion River is a local treasure and its peace and natural beauty can be enjoyed even more while gliding atop the water.

The Lakeland Rowing Club is fortunate to have the Vermilion Provincial Park to use as a home and is thankful for all the support they have received from the Vermilion Provincial Park staff as well as the tremendous support we receive from Lakeland College both financially and in kind.

Donate to rowing:
The Alberta, Sports, Park, Recreation and Wildlife Foundation established a program that will provide tax deduction receipts for contributions to the Alberta Rowing Association or member clubs. The Adopt-An-Athlete Program falls under the donation fund program. The objective of the program is to provide financial or employment assistance to Alberta’s high performance athletes as they prepare for national and international competition.

From this main page, click on “donate to provincial sport and recreation associations”

Driving to the LRC: Exit the Yellowhead Highway onto Highway 41 Northbound – this is the Vermilion exit from the highway.

Continue North on Highway 41 to the first traffic signal at College Drive (47th Avenue), and turn Left. Drive past the college (which will be on the left, or south side of the road) and turn right (north) onto Beckie Scott Trail (Yes , that Beckie Scott !!) after you pass the campus.

Continue about 1 km north until you run out of road, and turn right into the provincial park. Stay on this (generally east bound) road until it goes past the old railway station and drops down the hill to the lake. At the bottom of the hill head right following the gravel road to the end , and walk the 80 m or so to the chain-link fence compound housing Lakeland’s boats.

GPS users go to 53d 21′ 40.0″N, 110d 52′ 4.5″ W. This puts you in front of the motor storage shed inside the compound at the Lakeland Rowing Club