Start a New Club

To start a club, you need to set up an executive, approve some bylaws, and register with Alberta Registries. This link will take you to the registries website which has all the information about forming a society (club).

This link will take you to the part of the site with links to all the forms that you need – see section “3 Fill out the forms” click on the drop arrow. If you would like to see a sample set of rowing club bylaws, you will find the ARA’s on our website, under the “About” tab.

Once you have formed a club, you then need to register with the ARA and Rowing Canada Avrion (RCA). In addition to registering, to become a recognized member of RCA you will need a letter from the Alberta Rowing Association, as you will be a club under our jurisdiction. This letter will be sent along with your initial club registration application.

For the latest fee schedule, please contact the office.

Registering is easy.  Rowing Canada has set up an on-line registration system that each of your members can access and fill in their own details.  There’s a bit of work on your part setting up your club and programs into the system and then monthly invoicing for new members  but it’s fairly straightforward.  (Detailed information will be sent your new club along with explanations of procedures, when you get to that stage of your development).

Once you’ve set up your club you’re going to need some equipment and training. When it comes to obtaining equipment the ARA would be able to assist in a number of ways:

  • by loaning your club basic equipment until you are able to purchase your own
  • by buying the equipment on your behalf and setting up an agreement with your new club outlining that you would pay the ARA on a rent-to-own basis with no interest

The ARA will also assist your club by helping you arrange to bring in qualified people to run coaching/training clinics for your members.

Running a club requires revenues. As an officially registered club you can investigate getting into a bingo hall – as that is a really good source of funding locally, provided you have the numbers to staff the bingo evenings as required. You could also investigate grant opportunities – look at the Provincial Grant tabs on our club resources webpage. As well, running Learn-to-rows can be a good revenue generator. Call us and we can explain what is involved with these different ventures.

The ARA has a Casino and the clubs are encouraged to send people to staff the Casino shifts – with those shifts earning a portion of the funds that are generated from the Casino. The next scheduled Casino can be found in Events.

It is very exciting that you are thinking about setting up a club! Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or help.