April Information Bulletin #3

Canada Summer Games Camp
The second of several Canada Summer Games Camps will be held on Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15, 2012 in Edmonton, Alberta. The structure of the camp is as follows:

Saturday April 14th, 2012 – 9:45am to 3:30pm – Edmonton Rowing Club – The hope is that athletes will be able to go on the water for 2 technical rows (1 in each the morning and afternoon) If however, athletes cannot access the water, they will be be split into groups where they will be put through an erg workout, be given some technical tips in the tank, enhance their knowledge of weight training and engage in some X-Training activities.

Saturday April 14, 2012 – 6:30pm – 9:00pm – Athlete Social – An evening activity will be planned where athletes can get to know on another.

Sunday April 15, 2012 – 8:00am -11:00am– Meet at the Edmonton Rowing Club. The hope is that athletes will once again be able to go on the water for a row. If the weather does not cooperate athletes will engage in a X-Training activity.

Athletes were selected to the camp based on their 2K erg performance at the 2012 ARA Erg Championships. Athletes who met the required standard are advised to inform the ARA of their participation at this camp by emailing albertarowing@gmail.com no later than April 5, 2012.

Athletes who did not meet the erg standard for this particular camp, there will be other opportunities to participate in camps down the road. The Spring Camp is the second of four camps planned camps for 2012. Each of the camps will have a standard that athletes will have to achieve in order to be invited. If you stay committed to your training, and follow the advise of your coaches we the ARA are confident that you will meet the standards that we have set.

2012 ERG Championships
The ARA would like to thank the Central Alberta Rowing Club for all their efforts in hosting the 2012 ARA Erg Championships. The event itself featured nearly 100 athletes, making the 2012 edition of the ARA Erg Championships the largest ever. In addition to the Central Alberta Rowing Club, the ARA would like to thank Sheila Lindsey of the Edmonton Rowing Club for her post event speech on exercise physiology.

Thank-you to everyone who participated in this years event. We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 event.

At the 2012 ARA Erg Championships the ARA recognised 8 athletes for their achievements in 2011. The athletes were as follows

Junior B Women – Karen Guran – Karen was a double silver medallist at the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games in the Women’s Pair and Women’s Quad. In addition, Karen won a bronze medal in the women’s 8+ at this very same event.

Junior B Men – James Allen – James was a double bronze medallist at the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games in the Men’s 4- and Men’s 8+.

Junior A Men – Will Kennedy – Will not only won silver in the Men’s 1x at the Western Canada Summer Games but also double bronze in the Men’s 8+ and Men’s 4x. In addition to Will’s achievements at the Western Canada Summer Games, Will participated at the 2011 National Rowing Championships where he placed fourth in the Junior Men’s 1x.

Junior A Women – Nicole Hare – Nicole won Alberta’s only gold medal at the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games in the Women’s 1x. In addition to her gold medal, Nicole also won double silver in the Women’s 2x and Women’s 4x and Bronze in the Women’s 8+ at these games.

Senior B Men – Andrew Guran – Andrew competed in both a sweep and sculling final final at the 2011 Royal Canadian Henley – one of only two Alberta males to achieve this feat in 2011.

Senior B Women – Brittney Szwarc – Brittney competed in three finals at the 2011 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, was 1of only 3 Alberta based athletes to compete in a final at the 2011 Canadian University Rowing Championships, and finished in 8th place overall in the Open Women’s Pair at the National Rowing Championships.

Senior A Men – Steven Payne – Steven was 1/2 of a Men’s Double that won Alberta’s only medal at the 2011 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. Following Henley, Steven went on to represent Canada in the Men’s 2x at the 2011 Pan-American Games in Mexico.

Senior A Women – Ashton Brown – Ashton competed for Princeton at the 2011 NCAA Rowing Championships. Afterwards, Ashton competed for Calgary at the 2011 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta where she finished 5th in both the Women’s 4x and Women’s 2x. Ashton also represented Alberta at the 2011 National Rowing Championships finishing in 11th in the Women’s 1x event.

The 2012 Development Regatta will differ from the 2011 version in that there are two regatta’s planned for this year – one on the west coast and one in Southern Ontario. The purpose of the format is to reduce travel for interested athletes. The West Coast Version of the regatta will take place on April 20 & 21 in Burnaby B.C, while the Southern Ontario version is scheduled to take place the following weekend (April 28-29) in Welland, Ontario. Athletes need attend only 1 event – not both.

The Development Regatta is designed to provide a competitive experience for athletes early in the season and will serve as an entry point for athletes (Junior, U23 and Senior) who wish to be considered for RCA’s 2012 National Teams. Alberta based athletes who wish to be considered for RCA 2012 Teams including Senior Non Olympic World’s, U23 World’s and Junior World Championships are highly encouraged to attend.

While the ARA will not be providing funding assistance to athletes in attending this event, RCA has provided funding to assistance to athletes in years past. In 2011 RCA offered financial assistance to athletes who posted a RADAR score of 350 or greater. At this time, it is unknown if RCA will offer financial assistance in 2012.

The 2012 Development Regatta is open to all interested Canadian athletes. If you wish to attend the 2012 Development Regatta and need assistance in finding boats, accommodation and/or general assistance please email albertarowing@gmail.com. We the ARA can put you in touch with those coaches who are attending.

In Need of Equipment?
Is your club in need of a new ergometre? Would you like some assistance with the purchase of a new boat? The ARA can help. The Alberta Rowing Association is offering a free ergometre* to any Alberta based rowing club who can help recruit athletes for our sport.

Clubs wishing to be eligible for this opportunity must find one athlete who meets the following requirements:

  1. The athlete cannot be affiliated with a ARA club prior to February 28, 2012.
  2. The athlete must be 20 years of age or younger as of December 31, 2012
  3. The athlete must register with an Alberta Based Rowing Club for the 2012 Season
  4. Athletes must meet the following erg requirements on or before June 15, 2012

Men Women

3:15 for 1,000m 3:40 for 1,000m

Monies for the purchase of an ergometre can be substituted towards the purchase of a new boat.

Too often we as coaches, get approached by athletes asking what is a good erg time. Our response is that depends on what your goals are. The ARA has updated its erg standards for 2012, and these standards can be found by following the link http://www.albertarowing.ca/teamAlberta.asp and clicking the icon that states 2012 Erg Standards. In reviewing these standards you yourself can determine as to what an appropriate erg time actually is.

If your goals are for a Top Six Finish at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta – You should be striving to achieve at minimum the Bronze Erg Standard your respective weight / age category.

If your goal is for a Top three finish at either the 2013 Canada Summer Games, or the 2012 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta you should be aiming to achieve the Silver Erg Standard for your respective weight / age category.

If your goal is to represent Canada at an international event in either 2012 or beyond you must be bettering the Gold Erg Standard for your respective weight / age category.

Aim High, Reach Far!

Upcoming Events

  • CSG Camp – Edmonton – April 14-15, 2012
  • ARA Erg Challenge 1,500m – Submissions Due April 15, 2012
  • ARA Erg Challenge 2,000m – Submissions Due May 1, 2012