December Monthly Bulletin

A Holiday Poem (A revival from years past)

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Boathouse
All were adhering to AHS protocols; even the mouse
The shells were slung on the stretchers with care
With hopes to row the eight four and pair

Another erg done had my legs feeling like lead
What was I doing I must be losing my head. 
I got ready to leave and put on my hat
What was I doing, my scores were crap.

When all of a sudden there rose such a clatter
I grabbed an oar before pursuing the matter
Away to the weight room, I moved the squat rack
I needed to sit, and nibbled on a small snack

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
Was Carol and Peter, past and present ARA leaders.
They had sweat on their brow and their eyes were all weary
They were working real hard to improve rowing on the Prairie (s).

2020 was tough for volunteers, officials and athletes
Who really just want to get out on the water and compete
2021 we all hope will be better for us all
With the lifting of COVID-19 Protocols

So stay committed and adhere to your coaches training regime
For those who do will soon be rowing with a winning team (ok maybe crew)
To everyone in the ARA all the best this holiday season


As was communicated last month the 2021 CSG have now been postponed until 2022 with the new date being now being set for August 6-21, 2022. The decision to postpone the games has left many un-answered questions; however we can now confirm that athletes who were eligible for the 2021 games will remain eligible for the 2022 games.  Athletes born in 2001 or later will be eligible to compete at the 2022 games.    This is positive news for Alberta athletes.

 2020 Year in Review (Bob and Doug McKenzie Style)

In the Year 2020 Alberta Rowing did see.

Twelve – Teams Competing in the Erg Relay at the 2020 Alberta Indoor erg Championships.  Congratulations to Team Mitochondria for winning the event.

Eleven – Coaches Scheming

Ten –  Umpires  wanting to umpire in 2021

Nine – cancelled regatta’s on account of the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic

Eight – Alberta Rowing Clubs Competing

(Cold Lake, Lakeland, CABC, Telford, CRC, ERC, U of A, U of C)

Seven –  Members of the ARA Executive – Peter Walsh, Rob Swart, Hillary Bakker, Alex Marchuk, Stef Schiedon, Amelie Schumacher, Audra Vair

Six – (Well really five but needed something here) months until we are back on the water.

Five – Athletes vying for spots on the 2022 Olympic Team – Nicole Hare, Kasia Grucella Wiserski, Jessica Sevick, Jeremy Hall, Karen Lefsrud

Four – medals at the Canadian Indoor Erg Championships, Curtis Ames, Eric Hohnstein, Karissa Riley, Kendra Hartley

Three – Alberta finished third in total metres rowed at the 2020 National Indoor Erg day, and according ARA President Peter Walsh finished first in meters per capita

Two – World Records (CRC Women – Most metres erged in 24 hours – UCRC Women – Fastest to 1,000,000 meters on the erg.

One – RCA Director from Alberta – Carol Hermansen

From our Rowing Family to yours we wish everyone good health and fortune in 2021