January Monthly Bulletin

Happy New Year!
A Happy New Year to all of our coaches, officials and athletes.  This upcoming year may be considered by some to be a transition year for the Alberta Rowing Association as we look to build a foundation in preparation for the 2021 Canada Summer Games.  However, we at the ARA are hoping to to build upon our successes within our club and university programs this coming year.  Just a small sample of the regattas that athletes can begin planning for include: 

  • Alberta Erg Championships 
  • 2018 Speed Order Regatta 
  • 2018 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta  
  • 2018 Canadian University Rowing Championships 
  • Prairie Regatta Circuit 
  • Alberta Championships 
  • Edmonton / Calgary Boat Race 
  • 2018 National Rowing Championships 

We at the ARA are hopeful that our athletes can achieve considerable success in 2018, but know that it won’t be easy.  It takes plenty of hard work, which begins in January. As the saying goes,  

“Medals are won in the summer but earned in the winter.”

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit
As we sit alone on the erg in the lonely dark days of January, our minds have a tendency to wander towards the summer, pondering potential crews for the upcoming season.  Are you one of those athletes worrying that the single might be the only viable option for you this summer?  Do you sit up at night hoping that someone athletic might walk through your club doors filling that last seat in your potential Henley winning quad?  We at the ARA encourage you to do something about it.  Don’t be afraid to approach someone at your school / job who has the right physiological characteristics for our sport and encourage them to give our sport a try.  Alternatively, if you know someone who would be right for our sport email me at albertarowing@gmail.com.   I will be happy to sit down with them and direct them in the right direction.

RCA Coaches Conference
Rowing Canada will be hosting its annual coaches conference January 25-28 in Toronto, Ontario.    The conference serves as an excellent opportunity for coaches to learn about many of the latest training methods in our sport, hear from experts and socialize with your peers.  We at the ARA encourage all of our coaches to attend.   

Erg Standards
The Bronze, Silver and Gold erg standards that everyone has been accustomed to will be changing in 2018 (we promise).  Please visit the ARA website later this month and familiarise yourself with the updated standards that will be in effect for this coming year. 

Upcoming Events 

  • ARA Board Meeting January 20th – Red Deer
  • RCA Coaches Conference January 25-28 Toronto, Ontario