July Information Bulletin #6

June 2012 – A month to forget
June of 2012 was a month that all within the ARA would like to forget. In Edmonton, high water levels forced the closure of the North Saskatchewan River for 10 days. In Calgary, the City of Calgary closed the Glenmore Reservoir for 24 days citing unsafe conditions on account of low water levels, the presence of submerged logs and high levels of turbidity (The ARA disagrees with this assessment). Canada Summer Games (CSG) Camp #3 was cancelled. The Alberta Open Regatta was cancelled for the second year running, and then there was the announcement that Tracy Cameron was retiring from the sport of rowing citing a growing rift with her partner Lindsey Jennerich.

All in all not a month to remember. All of us within the ARA are hoping that we get things back on track in the month of July.

A Tough Decision
In June, Tracy Cameron made the hardest decision any athlete has to make….When to retire.

What made Tracy’s decision even more difficult was the fact that she was expected to row for Canada at the Olympic Games in less than 50 days. “I am following my heart and moving forward” said Tracy in a release issued by Rowing Canada. “I believe in the Olympic values and have lived my life with excellence, respect and friendship at the forefront of everything I do. With those values as my guide I knew I could no longer stay in the double.”

Tracy leaves the sport with a resume that few can compare. Olympic Bronze Medallist, two Time World Champion and three time National Champion.

Tracy, we at the ARA wish you all the best your future endeavours.

CSG Camp #3
The ARA apologizes to all athletes and coaches who were invited to Calgary to attend the third of the ARA’s CSG preparatory camp on June 23-24, 2012. Unfortunately the City of Calgary’s decision to close the Calgary Reservoir prohibited this camp from going forward.

At this time the ARA is currently looking at alternative dates to hold this camp and expect to announce a date no later than July 8, 2012. All athletes and coaches who were invited to the June 23-24 camp will be invited to the make-up camp.

Henley Funding
The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta is Canada’s premier club regatta. Featuring over 2800 athletes across 150 clubs, the regatta offers athletes a competitive experience they cannot get in Western Canada. Hoping to capitalize on the environment provided in St. Kitts, Ontario, the ARA highly encourages all aspiring provincial athletes (Canada Summer Games (CSG) and National Rowing Championships (NRC’s) to attend this event.

The ARA appreciates that the cost in attending this event can be cumbersome for some and for this reason the ARA has once again offered Henley funding to qualified athletes. For details on this exciting program please visit http://albertarowing.ca/category/teamalberta/. It is important to note that this program is in addition to the subsidy the ARA offers your club in transporting boats to Ontario.

Athletes who wish to be considered for Henley Funding MUST ATTEND THE 2012 PRAIRIE CHAMPIONSHIPS IN LEDUC, ALBERTA. Results from the Time Trial Portion of the regatta in combination with 2,000m Erg Test Results will form the basis in determining which athletes qualify for funding assistance.

CSG and Henley
As we have all witnessed first hand, the rowing season is short here in Alberta. There is little time for athletes to train and get to know one another. Add the logistical challenges of getting Calgary, Edmonton, CABC and Lakeland athletes together in one location only exacerbates the situation. In 2012 the ARA is trying to circumvent the issue by hosting a series of CSG Camps however this does not prepare athletes for the competitive challenges that will await them at the 2013 CSG in Sherbrooke Quebec.

The only known regattas remaining that will help Alberta based athletes (as a group) prepare for the 2013 CSG are the 2012 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta and the 2012 NRC Regatta. It is our opinion within the ARA that if athletes are serious about competing for Alberta in 2013 they should consider attending both of these events.

The Can-Am Mex event is a Junior Aged event for athletes in Canada, Mexico and the United States. This year two Calgary based athletes – Sam Garber and Nicole Hare have been invited to go to Mexico City and attend this week long event. Congratulations to both athletes.

Athletes interested in participating at the 2012 NRC event are encouraged to visit the ARA’s web page at http://albertarowing.ca/category/teamalberta/ and read the ARA’s 2012 Selection Document. The document outlines everything athletes need to know about entrance to this regatta.

With the understanding that the 2013 CSG is fast approaching, the ARA is highly encouraging all CSG Aged athletes to consider this event in the fall of 2012.

Come July of 2012 the eyes of the world will be on London and our Olympic athletes. Get the inside scoop on how Canada’s Olympic rowers are preparing for the world’s largest sporting event. Some great places to gain inside information are:

http://lucerne2london2012.blogspot.ca/ – Rowing Canada’s own Peter Cookson – details the trials and tribulations of Canada’s Olympic Team

http://www.davidcalder.ca/ – David details his preparations for the Men’s 2-

www.willtowin.ca – Will Crothers details preparations for the Men’s 8+

Upcoming Events

  • Prairie Championships – July 14, 2012 – Telford Lake
  • Henley Time Trial – July 14, 2012 Telford Lake
  • Royal Canadian Henley Regatta – August 5-12, 2012 – St. Catherines, Ont