July Monthly Bulletin


It has been a long wait, but at long last rowing has returned to clubs across the province and we as a provincial sport organization could not be happier.  As you return to the water we ask that everyone adhere to the protocols that your clubs have put in place so that we can continue to see rowing shells where they belong……on the water.


On July 3, 2020 the ARA hosted a CSG camp for Calgary based athletes.  Despite the vast majority of athletes refining their technique after a three-month quarantine, the ARA was pleasantly surprised with the quality of rowing on display.  There is no doubt that there is much yet to be done, but we are on the right track. 

Unfortunately, for our Edmonton based athletes’ arrangements had been made for a July 5th CSG camp but mother nature apparently did not get the message.  On account of higher than normal water flows in the North Saskatchewan river, the camp had to be postponed to a later date.   The ARA remains hopeful that an ERC specific CSG camp will be held in July, and we are working with your coaches to find a suitable date. 

With the games now just 12 months away, we feel that it would be best to outline some expectations that athletes should come to expect as the games approach.  History has shown that the Canada Summer Games is a high-performance event and athletes who compete for Alberta should have a reasonable expectation to return home with a medal.  It is for this reason the ARA sets erg standards that must be met to garner an invite to the selection camp.  While the standards have not been established at this time; the erg standard for the 2017 games were set as follows:

                          Heavyweight Men                6:35

                          Lightweight Men                  6:50

                          Heavyweight Women           7:35

                          Lightweight Women             7:50

Athletes should expect the standard for the 2021 games to be similar to those utilized in 2017.


In 2018, The ARA introduced a “Provincial Carding Program” to provide direct funding assistance to support qualified Alberta athletes.   Of the athletes the ARA has provided funding assistance to over the past two years, six athletes have gone on to represent Canada, 4 athletes have gone onto win Henley Gold while an additional 10 athletes took home medals at the 2019 WCSG. Given the unqualified success of the program the ARA has agreed to extend the carding initiative into the 2020-2021 year. 

While the ARA is currently revisiting some of the details associated with the 2020 program, athletes can expect some substantial changes to the program in the coming year largely as the result of COVID-19.   Details surrounding this year’s program will be released shortly with funding expected to commence in September 2020.