May Monthly Bulletin


Unfortunately, COVID continues to have a significant impact on communities across Alberta.  At a time when athletes typically dust off their boats and return to the water after a long winter, this year athletes eagerly await news from Alberta Health Services as to when our clubs can open.  Unfortunately, we at the ARA cannot provide timelines as to when regatta’s and provincial camps can recommence but remain confident that there will be an on-water season this year.  Until such time that we can return to the water we ask that everyone within Alberta Rowing do their part by adhering to the protocols set in place by Alberta Health Services.


With COVID19 affecting on water activities, there is no better opportunity for our coaches to take the necessary steps to ensure that they are registered for the upcoming season. As part of its every coach certified initiative RCA is asking that coaches register in the RCA web registration system on an annual basis.  This contrasts with previous policies where coaches could register once every four years.  To ensure that your registration is up to date coaches with a NCCP # are asked to register by following the steps below. 

  1. Go to RCA’s web registration system and enter in your username and password.  If you do not have a user name and password establish an account. 
  2. Once you are in register yourself as a coach with your respective club for the upcoming year.
  3. Coaches will be asked to complete a background check every three years.  Coaches who have not completed a background check can do so by following the link.
  4. Email your club administrator and ask them to activate your registration. 

Coaches who do not have an NCCP # are asked to go the locker at and create an account.  To ensure that you complete the necessary steps to become certified, coaches will then be asked to complete four separate modules which can be found in the e-learning section of the locker. 

  • Rowing Essentials module
  • Make Ethical Decisions Evaluation module
  • Criminal Record Check
  • and for all new coaches (Scenario 1) – NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport

It is important to note that coaches are not required to be certified in 2020.  However, for insurance purposes it is important that all coaches are registered and identified as a coach in the web registration system.  If coaches are not entered into the web registration system there is no insurance from RCA in that role.    


The ARA is aware of the impact COVID 19 is having on training programs across the province, but are hopeful that all prospective CSG athletes are finding ways to stay in shape.  Utilize the down time that many of us our experiencing to find unique ways to train, whether it be a run, a bike ride, a virtual training plan or simply a you-tube video.  Just because one may not have access to ergs does not imply that we cannot continue to be active.  Once we return to the water the ARA will be organizing a series of camps this summer for select athletes who meet erg deliverables and want you to be there. 

If athletes are finding it difficult to remain engaged and want some unique training ideas, please drop me a line .  I would be more than happy to assist in designing some workouts that may assist you. 

Upcoming Events

1 Minute Challenge – Rowing Canada Aviron, British Rowing, Rowing Australia and Rowing NZ today announced the One Minute Challenge, a joint initiative for all rowers across the respective nations.
Taking place over the weekend of May 7-11, the mass-participation competition challenges anyone with a rowing machine at home to see how far they can row in one minute. To register for this event athletes can follow the link
The ARA encourages all athletes with an erg at home to register.