October Monthly Bulletin


The effects COVID -19 has made on the sporting world have been well documented, and while it certainly has impacted us in the sport of rowing, this fall has given us all reason to smile.  In a typical year, athletes are typically confronting the on-front of winter as we struggle to hang up the oars before the snow flies.  In 2020, all across Alberta, rowers have been given a few extra weeks to enjoy the amazing conditions mother nature has provided us, thus giving us some time to get in a few extra miles on the water.   The ARA encourages everyone to take advantage of the unseasonably warm conditions and enjoy what is arguably the best fall weather, this writer has experienced.   


Alberta Athletes should now be aware that the 2021 CSG have been postponed until 2022.  The decision to postpone the games has left a number of un-answered questions, many of which we at the ARA are likely unable to answer.  However, we can say that there has been considerable discussion amongst provincial rowing associations regarding the age-eligibility of athletes for the games.  In speaking with our provincial counterparts there appears to be a national consensus that 2001 born athletes should remain eligible for the 2022 games.   We await a decision from the CSG Games Committee on this matter. 

The ARA is also aware that many athletes here in Alberta are likely disappointed with the decision to postpone the games until 2022.  As we have heard, the games provided athletes added motivation to continue training in what has been a “trying year.”   However, we believe the decision to postpone the games actually provides considerable benefits to Alberta athletes.  At present, many of our athletes are in their last year of high-school or first year university; while our provincial counterparts will fill teams with athletes who are in the second and even third year of university.  The decision to postpone the games provides athletes with time to develop their technique and improve their erg score.  Stay positive.  Remember the goal is not to attend the games, but to return home with a medal from the games! 


In August of 2020 the ARA distributed the requirements associated with its provincial carding program for the 2020 – 2021 season.  Athletes should be aware that there have been substantial changes to this years program on account of COVID -19.  Athletes who wish to be considered eligible for provincial carding should familiarize themselves with the program by visiting the ARA webpage at http://albertarowing.ca/news/2020-ara-carding-initiative/

Athletes who have met the deliverables associated with the program should expect to receive a carding agreement shortly.  Athletes who have not yet met the deliverables have until November 30, 2020 to do so. 


To Alberta’s own Carol Hermansen for being re-elected to the RCA Board of Directors as Provincial Director through to 2023.   The new RCA board can be found by following the link:  https://rowingcanada.org/announcement-of-the-election-of-directors-2/