September 2021 Monthly Bulletin

A Return to Racing

After a 24-month hiatus, the first sanctioned rowing regatta was held in our province on September 25, 2021 with the University of Calgary hosting the Dino Sprint regatta in Calgary, Alberta.  The event was a celebration of sorts to all those within the rowing community.  To witness the sheer number of athletes in attendance as well the quality of racing, it is evident that rowing is in a strong position here in Alberta.   This is a testament to the resilience of our coaches, volunteers, officials and athletes and we thank them for their ongoing efforts through a challenging two years.  Congratulations to all!

2021 National Rowing Championships

Reminder that the 2019 National Rowing Championships are being held from Thursday November 11th to Saturday November 13th in Victoria, British Columbia.  Athletes representing the ARA at this event are asked to arrive in Victoria no later than noon on Thursday November 11th with small boat racing commencing later that afternoon.  The regatta is scheduled to conclude late afternoon on Saturday November 13th with the possibility of some racing on Sunday November 14th in the event of weather delays.  Athletes should speak to their coaches about when they should be booking flights to and from Victoria. 

 Provincial Carding Update

On account of an abbreviated fall season; and many university programs just starting to get up to speed; the ARA has extended the 2K erg submission that is a requirement for provincial carding through to October 12th, 2021.  Athletes who wish to resubmit their 2K score on account of this revised deadline are free to do so.  The ARA will be informing qualified athletes of their carding status no later than October 31, 2021. 

High Performance Training Sessions

For the past month the ARA has been holding Friday afternoon training sessions for qualified athletes interested in attending the 2021 National Rowing Championships.  Athletes interested the 2021 NRC Regatta are encouraged to attend.    The sessions take place every Friday in Calgary from 2:45pm to 4:15pm and typically focus on technical skills.  

Athletes are free to come to any of sessions as their schedule allows. 

Rowing Tidbits

  • RADAR Reminder. A reminder to all ARA athletes that RADAR submissions are to be submitted in either the first week of November or the third week of November, 2021..  Athletes who are carded under the ARA Carding initiative are required to complete the battery of tests to continue with their carding eligibility. 
  • The ARA AGM date has been changed from November 13th, 2021 to November 20th, 2021.  The location of the event is tentatively slated for Red Deer.  Please stay tuned for additional details.
  • The Canadian University Rowing Championships are scheduled to take place November 6 & 7th, 2021 in Welland, Ontario.  Good luck to all athletes attending this event. 

Upcoming Events

High Performance Training Session(s)                        Every Friday afternoon National Rowing Championships                                            November 11-13, 2021