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2009 Team Alberta

Categories: Monthly Bulletin,News

The Alberta Rowing Association is pleased to announce that the following athletes will represent Alberta at the 2009 Canada Summer Games in Prince Edward Island, August 17 to 21, 2009.

he team is comprised of U21 athletes born no earlier than 1989 and consists of 16 male athletes and 14 female athletes. We look forward to see some exiting racing in PEI next week!

Men’s 8+
Robby Thom (Calgary) Kevin Kremer (Calgary) Andrew Guran (Calgary) Will Odhams (Calgary) Kevin Jones (Edmonton) Tommy Harding (Calgary) George Kostaras (Calgary) Riley McCrossan (Calgary) Benham Harper (Calgary)

Men’s Quad
Tommy Harding (Calgary) George Kostaras (Calgary) Carson Wood (Calgary) Kevin Kremer (Calgary)

Men’s Pair
Robby Thom (Calgary) Will Odhams (Calgary)

Men’s Four
Robby Thom (Calgary) Kevin Kremer (Calgary) Carson Wood (Calgary) Will Odhams (Calgary)

Men’s Double
Will Kennedy (Calgary) Jake Lee (Calgary))

Lt Men’s Four
Carson Wood (Calgary) Riley McCrossan (Calgary) George Kostaras (Calgary) Kevin Kremer (Calgary)

Men’s Single
Robby Thom (Calgary)

Team Spares
Travis Woodward (Calgary) Forrest Whiak (Calgary) Zak Rossall (Edmonton) Doug Malloy (Edmonton)

Team Coach
Chris Davidson / Shona McLaren

Woman’s Eight
Alex Marchuk (Calgary), Lara Kemp (Calgary), Sarah Laing (Calgary), Alanna Komisar (Calgary) Jenny McGuinness (Cal / Edm) Kat Storwick (Calgary) Chantel Szwarc (Calgary) Brittnay Szward (Calgary) Benham Harper (Calgary

Woman’s Four
Alex Marchuk (Calgary) Lara Kemp (Calgary) Chantel Szwarc (Calgary) Brittnay Szwarc (Calgary)

Woman’s Quad
Flurry Hogg (Calgary) April Stanko (Lakeland) Sarah Laing (Calgary) Kay Rollans (Edmonton)

Woman’s Single
Alanna Komisar (Calgary)

Woman’s Pair
Alex Marchuk (Calgary) Brittnay Szwarc (Calgary)

Lt Woman’s Double
Chantel Szwarc Kay Rollans

Woman’s Double
Sarah Laing (Calgary) Alanna Komisar (Calgary)

Team Spares
Team Coach: Shona McLaren / Chris Davidson

Support Staff:
Boat Man – Kris Davis (Edmonton)
Team Manager – Janice Fehler – (Edmonton) Boat Driver – Colleen Critchley – (Calgary)

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