May 2020 ARA Statement Regarding COVID-19

Within the context of the current COVID-19 health pandemic, the Alberta Rowing Association (ARA) recognizes that clubs across Alberta may be subject to different access restrictions depending on the directives issued by the relevant government.

With respect to this, the ARA asks that all club members respect facility access restrictions as issued by local government authorities.

ARA does not recommend that individuals row on their own for safety reasons. If individuals choose to row independently, ARA’s position is that the directives of government authorities as they relate to the number of individuals that are permitted to form a group – while respecting physical distancing requirements – must be followed.

Club members who choose to row independently from a private dock or public access not closed by public health restrictions, do so at their own risk, are not covered by RCA’s insurance policy and are not to associate this activity with the club or the club’s coach.

The ARA recognizes that all rowers want to get back on the water and resume normal activities and that being prohibited from doing so is frustrating. However, the ARA’s main concerns are that our members stay safe and healthy so that they are able to return to the water as soon as the circumstances permit.

Printable version of the ARA Covid-19 Statement can be found here.