Athlete Support for the 2016 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta

Since 2006, the Alberta Rowing Association (ARA) has provided athlete assistance for qualified athletes attending the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.  The 2016 version of the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta will mark the 11th consecutive year the ARA has committed    funds towards this program, demonstrating our commitment towards the development of athletes in club programs throughout Alberta.

Funding assistance is at the discretion of the Provincial Technical Director, and the VP technical who will use the erg and on-the water results (present) as a guide in determining which athletes receive funding from the ARA.  The Provincial Technical Director will provide an initial determination, which is then to be reviewed by the VP Technical prior to communication to the awardees; all remaining uncertainties with the awardee list (funding list, athletes ranking etc) they be resolved by the ARA executive.

To be considered for funding athletes must have attended the 2016 Erg Championships in Lacombe Alberta AND must have achieved the Bronze Erg Standard for their respective weight/age category no earlier than March 1, 2016 and no later than August 1, 2016*.  In addition, athletes may only be eligible for Silver or Gold funding if they are able to achieve the Silver Erg Standard for their respective weight/age category no earlier than March 1, 2016 and no later than August 1, 2016.  Athletes who wish to be eligible for funding but did not attend the 2016 Alberta Erg Championships in Red-Deer must write the Provincial Technical Director as to their extenuating circumstances which prohibited them from attending this event.

Athletes who have not met the ARA’s ergometer requirements will not be considered for funding.

*Please note it is the responsibility of the athletes and or their coaches to submit erg scores to the ARA.  Erg scores that are pulled in the presence of a club coach will only be considered if they are:

  1. Submitted to RCA as part of the RCA RADAR program. *
  2. pulled at the 2016 ARA Erg Championships
  3. are emailed to prior to the August 1 deadline. Tests are to include the name of the coach witnessing the test, the date of the test, the split and the overall time. *

*The ARA will only consider tests pulled in the province of Alberta to be eligible for funding.

Water Performance
Results from the 2016 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St.Catharines, Ontario will be used by the ARA in evaluating on-water performance.

As a guideline, in years past the ARA has considered a Bronze athlete to be one who has made a Henley Final in a Big Boat (2x, 4-, 4x, 8+) with no fewer than 10 entries.  Silver athletes are those who have a top three finish in a Big Boat  (with no fewer than 10 entries) or have a top five finish in a small boat (1x or 2-), and gold athletes are those who have recorded a top three finish in a small boat.

The Provincial Technical Director will consult with the VP Technical who will utilize the aforementioned quantitative measures to determine whether or not an athlete receives Gold, Silver or Bronze funding (See Funding Classifications) from the ARA.  Funding decisions made by the Provincial Technical Director will be endorsed by the VP Technical and/or the ARA executive prior to communication with the athletes themselves.

As this is an ARA initiative, athletes should demonstrate a commitment to represent Alberta at events like NRC’s / CSG or WCSG to be deemed eligible for funding



















**A certain amount of funds has been set aside by the ARA for this purpose and as result financial awards for gold silver and bronze will be determined based on the number of athletes who qualify for funding.