Information for Umpires – May Seminars

The last week in May 3 seminars/courses will be offered.  Check the calendar for details.


Here are some other items/events for your consideration coming down the pipeline:

1) Regattas

If you are interested in helping out with any of the listed events or have questions, please let me know (if you haven’t already done so!)  

Edmonton Spring Sprints- Telford Lake, 28 May 2016

As the Prairie Championships are cancelled this year, this event will be the main Edmonton-hosted race this season. The Organizing Committee is in place and is excited to host a great event. There will be weigh-ins, a buoyed course with 1000m and 2000m racing distances!

Alberta Open – Calgary Rowing Club, 2 July 2016
Mark your calendars! This mainstay racing event for summer in AB is scheduled for the 2nd of July and will likely be as well attended as always!

Possible Events in BC
Umpire travel for support of out-of-province events has been a topic of discussion for some time, and if anyone has any plans to travel and/or would like to collect a group of umpires together to travel, I would like to explore opportunities for supporting such an endeavor.

2) Umpire Meeting

As previously mentioned, our umpire team is growing and in the interests of supporting our growth and moving forward to create a great environment for umpiring (and racing) in Alberta, I would like to convene an Umpire meeting to discuss some items that may impact everyone!  I’ve attached a link for a doodle poll so everyone who is interested in attending can indicate their availability. Below is a list of items for discussion. If you are interested in providing feedback but likely unable to attend the meeting, please let me know and I’ll bring your points to the table on the day.

  1. Formation of an Umpire Committee
  2. Purchase of communal, umpire-related equipment
  3. Umpire-related policies (travel/reimbursement, continuing education etc)
  4. Umpire training 2016

Link for meeting scheduling (copy and paste into browser):

3) Congratulations!

Congratulations are in order for Henry, Errol, Tim and Audra- they have all received national-level jury positions this summer! AB will be represented at the Canadian Masters Championships, Canadian Henley, Canadian University Championships AND the National Canadian Rowing Championships!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know ! Happy Spring Long weekend!!