LTR Coaching Course May 5th

There will be a LTR coaching course on Sunday May 5 at the Calgary Rowing Club.

The workshop will take place on May 5 from 8:30am – 5:30pm in the CRC hall. There will be some course materials that are online and that have to be completed prior to the workshop. Evaluations for LTR coach can be arranged after the workshop (and after gaining some coaching experience) through the ARA and/or your local evaluator. Materials and links to online prerequisite courses for the LTR coach workshop will be distributed to participants once registered.

To register please email the ARA office directly.

Cost for LTR course and evaluation (to be scheduled individually at a later date): $100. All evaluated coaches will receive a $30 credit (either coach or club – whoever paid the initial $100) once the coach is certified. This is a new initiative from the ARA to encourage coaches to become certified in AB.

You may present payment the morning of the course or you can alternatively pay the ARA directly via e-transfer to the ARA office email address or via cheque. 

For all currently trained coaches that require certification: please get in touch with Sheila or Lisa (cc ARA office) to organize the evaluation.