2014 Athlete Support For Henley Regatta

Since 2006, the Alberta Rowing Association (ARA) has provided
athlete assistance for qualifying athletes attending the Royal Canadian
Henley Regatta. The 2014 version of the Royal Canadian Henley
Regatta will mark the 9th consecutive year the ARA has allocated funds
toward this program, demonstrating commitment toward the
development of athletes in club programs throughout Alberta.

Funding assistance is at the discretion of the Provincial Technical Director and the VP Technical
Director who will use the 2,000m ergometer and on-water results in 2014 as a guide in
determining which athletes are eligible to receive assistance from the ARA. The Provincial
Technical Director will provide an initial selection, which is then reviewed by the VP Technical
prior to communication to the awardees. Funding assistance is based on performance at the
Henley regatta and will be awarded upon the conclusion of the regatta.

Complete funding document 2014 Henley Athlete Assistance