Athlete Support 2013 NRC’s

The National Rowing Championships is Canada’s only regatta where rowers from across the country race off in small boats (1x & 2-) to determine a true national champion. Competition is fierce, and even Canada’s best rowers can find the experience humbling. In an effort to preserve the quality of the regatta, entry to the event is at the discretion of the Provincial Rowing Association.

For the second time, the 2013 version of the National Rowing Championships will adopt a point system where an athlete’s placing will earn points for their respective province. An end tally will determine how the various provinces rank against one another. Understanding the importance of this year’s event, the ARA will only register athletes who meet certain parameters on the erg and on the water. Results from the 2013 National Rowing Championships will then be used to evaluate athletes for various levels of funding assistance in attending this event.


Athletes interested in entering the National Rowing Championships must meet the following criteria.

Water Performance

Results from a time trial to be held in Calgary, Alberta on October 5, 2013 (Prior to the start of the Head of the Weasel Criteria) will be used by the ARA to determine an athlete’s relative on-water performance. As a guideline only, athletes looking to attend the 2013 National Rowing Championships should be within 3.5% of the top overall boat relative to Rowing Canada’s Gold Medal Standard.

Athletes who are unable to attend the 2013 Time Trial the ARA will examine results from the 2013 Canada Summer Games and/or 2013 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta to determine an athletes overall boat speed. Athletes who did not represent an Alberta Rowing Club at the 2013 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta and/or the ARA at the 2013 Canada Summer Games AND who forgo the time trial will be deemed ineligible for the 2013 National Rowing Championships.

Erg Standards:

Athletes who wish to be deemed eligible for the 2013 National Rowing Championships must submit to the ARA a 2K Erg Score pulled no earlier than August 15, 2013 and no later than October 28, 2013. As a guideline only athletes looking to represent Alberta at the 2013 National Rowing Championships are expected to pull a 2K Erg Score that is within 6 seconds of the silver erg standard for one’s weight / age classification.

Erg standards are those published on the ARA’s webpage under the following link . Gold, Silver and Bronze erg standards only apply to athletes who pull erg tests in the province of Alberta. Athletes who pull erg tests outside the province of Alberta will be subjected to the TDC (being the Silver equivalent) and NDC (being the gold equivalent) erg standard as published on RCA’s webpage.

Athlete Funding

In years past athletes who have represented Alberta at the National Rowing Championships have had their registration/hotel/uniform/boat transportation and ground transportation paid for by the ARA. In addition, the ARA does offer financial subsidies to certain athletes, which assists in defraying a portion of an athlete’s flight. In years past financial subsidies have been pre-set prior to the regatta itself. In 2013 the ARA will evaluate an athletes performance at the National Rowing Championships to determine if an athlete qualifies for a financial subsidy

Athletes intending on competing at this event are to provide written notification to the ARA by emailing no later than October 3, 2013

All decisions made by the ARA regarding provincial funding for the National Rowing Championships are final.[social_button button=”twitter” tcount =”horizontal”]