May Monthly Bulletin


  • In the month of April, the ARA visited athletes in both Calgary and Edmonton to answer questions and address concerns surrounding the upcoming WCSG selection camp.  From those discussions’ athletes indicated that a June 21, 22 and 23 selection camp conflicted with preparations for high school diploma exams.  Understanding the importance of these exams for our athletes, the ARA has agreed to shorten its selection camp to the evening of June 21 and concluding on June 22.  As the camp will now be held over 24 time period athletes should expect a gruelling selection schedule, but believe the change works best for all. 
  • Invites to the June 21 and 22 camp will be given to those Athletes who have achieved a 2K erg standard of 7:05 (men) and 8:05 (Women) between March 9, 2019 and May 31, 2019.
  • To date, 10 women and 11 men have hit the standard with a number of athletes just off the mark.   To those of you who have bettered the 2K mark, congratulations!  You have secured an invite to the selection camp. To those who came just short, keep following the training plan your coach has designed for you.  You have three more weeks to hit the mark.  Stay positive and the results will come. 
  • The ARA has finalized its coaching staff for the 2019 WCSG and believe we have a staff with a tremendous amount of experience and expertise.  The 2019 WCSG coaching staff consists of Alex Marchuk, Camil-Alexandru Teodorescu, Hillary Bakker and Aaron Harrower. 
  • A formalized agenda of the selection weekend will be distributed to invited athletes the week of June 3, 2019 but out of town athletes will be expected to arrive in Calgary by 6:00pm on Friday June 21. 
  • The ARA will assist with the costs of food and accommodation for out of town athletes attending the selection camp. 

2019 Speed Order Regatta

Athletes interested in representing Canada at the 2019 Pan-American Games in Lima Peru, the 2019 U23 World Championships in Sarasota Florida, or the 2019 U21 Trans-Tasman Regatta in Australia are required to attend the 2019 RCA Speed Order Regatta in Victoria, B.C from June 14-16th.    Regatta information and updates can be found on Regatta Central.

Alberta athletes who wish to attend the 2019 Speed Order Regatta are encouraged to email as the ARA may be able to assist qualified athletes in covering some of the costs associated in attending this event.

Lakeland Development Camp

The writer is extremely pleased to be coaching at the 2019 Lakeland Development Camp in Vermilion, Alberta.  The camp is an excellent opportunity for athletes of all ages and abilities to come together for a weekend or rowing in one of the most beautiful settings in Western Canada.  This years’ camp is scheduled for the weekend of July 13 and 14.  Stay tuned for additional details. 

ARA Erg Standards

You likely did not notice but in April of 2019 the ARA updated its erg standards.  For an updated list of erg standards athletes are encouraged to visit

ARA Development Pathway (Updated from 2018)

In May of 2018 the ARA implemented a Provincial Carding initiative.  Of the 14 athletes the ARA provided funding assistance to in 2018, five of them competed for Canada , one other won a medal at the 2018 National Rowing Championships, and another athlete took home gold at the prestigious Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.  Given the unqualified success of the program the ARA has extended the carding initiative into the 2019-2020 year with some minor modifications. (See document attached as part of this email)

In 2019, 50% of all provincial cards will continue to be directed towards to those athletes who have a demonstrated ability to represent Alberta at the 2021 Canada Summer games.  All remaining cards are being directed to those athletes who can demonstrate success at national and international events in 2019.    

While the ARA continues to provide direct funding assistance to individual athletes attendance and performance at national regatta’s remains an important part of our development pathway.  It is for this reason the ARA will continue to assist with the cost in trailering boats to attend the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Under our development framework we at the ARA believe that our clubs and their coaches serve as the gateway for introducing and developing successful athletes within our sport.  Meanwhile the ARA monitors the performances of Alberta athletes at the ARA Indoor Erg Championships, RADAR Testing, 2K submissions and the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.   The ARA then uses results from those aforementioned events to determine the make-up of our teams at the National Rowing Championships and as well selection camps for Western Canada Summer Games (WCSG) and Canada Summer Games (CSG).    Rowing Canada in turn monitors results from NRC’s and CSG to assist in the identification of athletes for its teams.   

Under our revised funding framework the ARA believes we are now providing a clearer link in the support of athletes to attend club events like Henley, provincial events like NRC and CSG and of course international events through RCA. 

In summary the ARA development framework resembles something along the following.

Coming Events

Prairie Championships Leduc, Alberta                       May 25, 2019
Regina Sprints – Regina Saskatchewan                      June 8, 2019