2010 National Rowing Championship

2010 National Rowing Championships
The 2010 National Rowing Championships – a regatta that invites the best rowers from across Canada to determine a true national champion in the 1x and 2- for Men and Woman alike – were held this past weekend on Elk Lake in Victoria. Alberta had the third largest team in attendance at this event with 17 athletes (this was also the largest team to represent Alberta since the introduction of the National Rowing Championships in 2005).

In reviewing the results all our athletes should be extremely pleased with their performance. Consider the following:
3 Alberta athletes made finals in 2010 – 2 Alberta athletes made finals in 2009
8 Alberta athletes had top ten finishes in 2010 compared to 3 top ten finishes in 2009
11 Alberta athletes had top 12 finishes in 2010 compared to 4 top 12 finishes in 2009

All athletes raced hard and performance to the best of their abilities.