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Athlete Support/Selection

Provincial Carding Initiative

The intent of the program is to provide direct funding to individual athletes in the sport’s Train to Train and Train to Win categories based on their demonstrated commitment to high performance sport.  The proposed program will look to enhance rowing in the province by providing targeted funding to Alberta based athletes and support their…

Speed Order Regatta 2018

The 2018 Speed Order Regatta is a small boat regatta designed to select athletes for Canada’s National Teams.   In an effort to encourage athletes within our province, to attend this event, the Alberta Rowing Association will provide funding support to qualified athletes.   Athletes who wish to compete for Alberta must meet the following requirements. Full…

ARA 2017 NRC Selection Document

National Rowing Championships – 2017 The National Rowing Championships is a small boat regatta designed to determine a national champion. While the regatta does feature some of the world’s best rowers the regatta does serve as a development tool for some of our best provincial athletes.    In an effort to promote athletes within our province,…