Athlete Support/Selection

NRC Update #1 2019

This Update will provide you with the necessary information to commence making plans to attend the 2019 National Rowing Championships. Having said that unless you have met the deliverables as per the ARA’s Selection Document you are not eligible to represent the ARA at this time unless you have written notification from the writer directly…

2019 ARA NRC Selection Document

Click here to download the 2019 ARA NRC Selection document outlining entry to represent Alberta at the 2019 National Rowing Championships. Please note that athletes who do not meet the aforementioned guidelines, but wish to compete at this event are eligible to register through their local club.

Provincial Carding Initiative

In 2022 eight past or present ARA athletes will represent Canada at either the U23 World or Senior World Championships.  Each of these athletes were or are currently carded under the ARA Provincial Carding Initiative.  In addition of the 17 Alberta athletes who are returning home  from the 2022 Canada Summer Games with a medal…